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每个人都有关于消防和生命安全的各种问题. 我们已经把一些最常见的问题分成了不同的类别——都可以在这里找到. If you cannot find answers to your questions, please contact us directly at info@mysafecalifornia.org. We’ll do our best to get you the answers you need promptly.

New User FAQs:

What is California Fire Prevention Organization

California Fire Prevention Organization is a private, professional fire prevention and life safety organization. 我们的组织参与了整个加州的社区风险降低项目.

What is Community Risk Reduction?

降低社区风险的项目正逐渐被称为“社区风险降低”,” or “CRR” initiatives. Typically developed and executed by fire/rescue agencies, the most common program involves home visits, including delivery of education and home inspection. MySafe:California is actively involved in CRR within the State of California. MySafe:加州小心翼翼地确保它遵循了NFPA定义的基线标准, USFA, as well as an independent fire/safety program called Vision 20/20. 我们的家庭安全教育工作者利用高科技软件和其他手段来实现可衡量的结果. In addition, 我们的教育工作者将通过向有需要的人分发和安装免费烟雾报警器来支持CRR.

What does the California Fire Prevention Organization Website concentrate on?

皇冠hg客户端的主要网站包含了有关加州防灾的信息. There is a complex mix of disaster threats throughout the State, 但我们主要关注的是与野火和地震预防相关的信息和材料, readiness, and survival. 火灾、地震、恐怖袭击甚至洪水的危险都不是理所当然的.

Are the other California Fire Prevention Organization websites?

California Fire Prevention Organization maintains a Facebook presence, a Twitter account, a Flickr account, Vimeo and YouTube for videos. In the future, we’ll be adding an online education campus. 我们生态系统的所有这些组件都嵌入到了皇冠hg客户端的网络环境中.

Who would use the California Fire Prevention Organization website?

皇冠hg客户端的网站被设计成对三类人有用:第一反应者, teachers, and the general public. When first responders become partners, they gain access to a wide array of fire and life safety materials, including fire prevention materials for distribution to the public, safety initiatives, research materials, and other data useful to the overall process of fire prevention. In addition, 成为合作伙伴让消防部门有机会邀请皇冠hg客户端预防组织加入他们的社区风险降低项目, such as home inspections and free smoke alarm distribution and installation. 成为皇冠hg客户端组织消防/安全干部的教师也能获得同样的福利. Finally, 该网站也是为社区参与而设计的,这意味着我们的信息和项目可以直接对公众开放.


The California Fire Prevention Organization environment is ever-changing. 我们的团队将继续每周添加材料-在某些情况下每天添加. As safety information is made available, we’ll post it here. As new videos are developed, we’ll publish them and issue a notification. Stay in touch and visit the site often.

Support FAQs:


皇冠hg客户端的网站被设计成完全“响应”,” meaning it will auto-adjust for any sized computing device. For the best visual experience, 考虑使用现代浏览器和计算机显示器,至少支持1040 x 760像素的分辨率. 皇冠hg客户端已经用多种浏览器进行了测试, including but not limited to IE 8, IE 9, Firefox 8 thru 14, Safari 4 – 6, Opera and Chrome. In addition, 你可以通过iPad访问皇冠hg客户端的网站, Slate, or a smartphone. If you have rendering or display issues, please contact us at support@286l.com

What happens if I can't see one of the videos that is included in the website?

If you have problems viewing any of our video content, 我们建议你先做一个测试,看看你是否可以查看发布到YouTube和Vimeo的视频. 我们的视频内容使用了一种叫做HTML-5的互联网技术, 而不是你可能听说过的过时的Flash解决方案. If you find you can view YouTube or Flash videos, but not those within our website, please contact us at support@286l.com If you cannot view videos on other streaming sites, check your browser for compatibility, or if viewing from work, check with your IT manager to see if sites that stream video have been blocked.

What type of Internet/web compliance can you attest to?

这是我们的互联网可访问性声明-这个网站已经在一系列浏览器和屏幕阅读器软件中测试过. 皇冠hg客户端使用语义标记来帮助屏幕阅读器用户, page and block headings use navigation blocks are lists and so on. These tags are invisible to the site visitor. 皇冠hg客户端遵守万维网联盟的一级, most of level 2 and some level 3. 通过这些指导方针,我们的目标是遵守当地有关残疾人服务的法律. 我们目前正在努力提高皇冠hg客户端组织的可访问性和可用性. At present there are still some tables used for layout, but in general presentation (using style sheets) is separated from content. We welcome feedback, particularly reports of any inaccessible content. Please see our contact page for additional information. At present we don’t specify access keys, 但我们打算在皇冠hg客户端的未来发布中实施它们. 在每个侧块之前都有一个链接,这允许屏幕阅读器用户跳过块. Note, the link is hidden from graphical browsers. Many links have title attributes that describe the link in greater detail, 除非链接的文本已经完全描述了目标(如一篇文章的标题). If a link has an access key this will be announced in the link title. Whenever possible, links are written to make sense out of context. There are no javascript: pseudo-links. All images use the alt attribute to provide alternate text where appropriate; images that are purely decorative contain a null alt attribute. Images, such as maps, 呈现复杂信息的对象有一个longdesc属性将它们链接到图像内容的文本描述. California Fire Prevention Organization使用有效的XHTML进行标记并使用CSS进行表示. In addition, California Fire Prevention Organization is Section 508 compliant, 这意味着与视力或听力有关的残障人士可以使用认可的网站“读者”或其他工具访问网站内的数据. Our videos include Section 508 approved closed captioning, and our podcasts are available with associated transcripts, so that people may read them should they have difficulty hearing them. 参见我们的第508节声明(在网站的页脚)获取更多信息.

How do I report a bug in the California Fire Prevention Organization website?

如果你在皇冠hg客户端的网络环境中发现一个打字错误或其他错误, please write to us. We’d like to hear from you. support@286l.com